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think outside the toy box


What if you could have the beloved, nostalgic building blocks of your youth in epic size proportions?

Now available to the public, for the first time!

Guaranteed to be generations of fun, these lightweight, durable blocks are the ultimate must-have gift for the child in all of us!  

Discovering Big Logz® for the First Time is Like...

..recapturing your childish enthusiasm for life!

Finding out how much they cost—that can make you grow back up fast.  

No doubt, these are pricey toys.  

The cuss you say! For a toy?  

With Big Logz®, though, you’re not just buying a toy.  

You’re affording a treasured family legacy, for generations to come.

Still... Why So Cussing Expensive?

Big Logz® were designed for companies.  The creator of these life-size building sets wanted to develop a custom, commercial grade product that would be suitable in day care centers, preschool academies, Montessori schools, at children’s museums and events, kid’s clubs, party rentals, and the like.

These blocks are no joke!  Big Logz® are a superior, industrial grade toy, unique like no other. 

The polystyrene interior shapes their huge size without being too heavy for maneuvering and safe play

The outer proprietary coating is what makes the them so heavy duty, creating an irresistible look and feel.  

Everyone marvels when they first hold Big Logz®!

Product Features

  • STEAM Educational Toy

    STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) toys foster creativity, intuition, imagination, establish intrinsic motivation, facilitates investigation, and exploration. Ideal for any daycare center, kids club, Montessori school, preschool academy, party rental business, children's festival, kids fair, farmer's market, children's museum, indoor playroom, bedroom or outdoor play area.

  • Build & Play

    Builds independent as well as collaborative skills. Promotes hands-on work which helps the brain improve cognition. Expands gender stereotype roles by fostering diversity of cultures and perspectives.

  • Pretend Play

    Playtime-especially unstructured imaginative, exploratory play-is increasingly recognized as an essential component of wholesome child development.  ~Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods

  • Versatility & Mobility

    6+in-1 product:  construction building blocks toy set, pretend playset, indoor/outdoor toy, fort, log cabin playhouse, indoor play set, playground set, clubhouse, and a house bed frame, so storage space is never an issue!  It's also STEAM educational learning toy and even an exercise set through movement, building and play.

  • Creative Thinking

    Teaches kids to problem solve, think deeply, and take their time. Encourages kids to explore their own talents. Give little ones the confidence to take healthy risks in a playful environment, and to fail and still have fun because mistakes are OK!  Children learn persistence and perseverance, and a collaboration of social/emotional skills.

  • Reduce "Screen" Time

    Less screen time combined with more physical activity/movement improves cognition including memory, attention, well sleep, weight and physical health, brain processing speed, and language. “For kids, if they have better cognitive function, they may succeed better in their life.” —Jean-Philippe Chaput, PhD, of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/more-than-2-hours-of-screen-time-can-hurt-kids-brains#The-bottom-line-




  • Sara Bunker, Discover Guide and Science Educator, LaunchPAD Children's Museum, Sioux City, IA

    The Big Logz® house has been a welcome addition to our construction zone. I love watching the kids park their cars, scooters and skateboards they built in the “garage”. I also like seeing the team work shown by the kids while they are building the house and maneuvering the logs.

  • Michelle Delp, M.S., Early Childhood Education

    When preschoolers play with Big Logz® they are engaging their gross motor skills as well as learning developmentally appropriate and critical metacognitive skills in a fun and creative way. Engaging play based learning using Big Logz® provides more than just stimulated physical, social-emotional and creative development. Big Logz® provides a literal and figurative construct through which children learn to explore the world, investigate properties and scaffold their understanding of the world in which they live. I highly recommend Big Logz® as an instructional product for any institution or family.

  • Mike Mogard, Associate Director, Children's Museum of South Dakota

    We love having the Big Logz® at our museum. Our young guests like the feeling that have super human strength and can lift large logs. Our older guests like the nostalgia of their childhood. And our staff love that they hold up well with all of the play and attention they get. They have been a great addition to our museum!

  • Kalie Vanderzyden, Director of Education, LaunchPAD Children's Museum, Sioux City, IA

    I love how light and easy to use they are.  It allows even young children to manipulate them and have fun!

big fun


Are Big Logz® for indoor or outdoor play?

Both!  Big Logz® are great for both indoor and outdoor play, although they are not recommended to be stored or left outdoors when not in use.  With proper care, Big Logz® will provide generations of big fun!  Please see instructions for full care and maintenance details.  

What if I want to customize my Big Logz®?

If you can dream it, we can build it.  Toy Boxly will work to customize Big Logz® orders.  Color changes, special order additions, and so much more.  Contact us via email or through our site link for inquiries.

How much is shipping for Big Logz®?

Free shipping on Big Logz®!  Only expedited shipping is extra.  Standard shipping on all Big Logz® is FREE! Your Big Logz® order may arrive in multiple boxes or by freight.  Shipping notification emails will allow you to track orders once shipped.

When will my Big Logz® order arrive?

Your Big Logz® order will be on its way, with tracking information provided, usually within 2 business days of order completion.  Your Big Logz® order may arrive in multiple boxes or by freight. Standard shipping is free.  Rush shipping is available for additional fees.

What is the return policy for Big Logz®?

Unused Big Logz® in original condition can be returned for a full refund.  Buyer is responsible for the return shipping fees with appropriate shipping insurance and tracking number.  Big Logz® returns must be postmarked within 30 days of your delivery date.  Return forms provided with Big Logz® purchases.

Do you offer financing on Big Logz®?

Sure do! Want to get your Big Logz® now and make monthly payments? Follow the PayPal CREDIT prompts to learn more.

How much do Big Logz® sets cost?

See the Toy Boxly catalog page to sign up for promotional emails and to view pricing. Toy Boxly guarantees the lowest prices on Big Logz®!

Where are Big Logz® made?

Big Logz® are proudly manufactured in the USA in Belle Fourche, SD.

Think Big

Think Outside the Toy Box.


think outside the toy box