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What the cuss are Big Logz®?!

School’s out for the summer, or almost out depending on your zip code. And although I still have strong cuss cuss feelings about the discontinuation of the kindergarten graduation ceremony, I must admit our end of school carnival was a solid replacement event. Especially when we saw the giant, jumbo size building logs! My son did not hesitate to forego the games and prize booths and all the scrumptious treats to spend every minute available at the Big Logz® playhouse log cabin forts. And, admittedly, I was having just as much fun reliving my childhood dream come true! Huge log building block play fort clubhouses—it was cussing awesome. Big Logz®—who knew? And where have you been all my life? I am never leaving. WE are never leaving. What do you mean the carnival is over? 

To my delight, the Big Logz® were also for sale. Finally, the world has provided Big Logz®! I am complete. We. We are complete. Because in about one month, my summer birthday boy will receive the biggest and greatest birthday gift set ever made. Thank goodness for Big Logz®. And for financing! Lol


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