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Our Loss is Your Gain


Occasionally, we have Big Logz® sets that can't be sold as "new".

Although they are all flawed in various ways, they're still WAY TOO GOOD to throw away!  So, we drastically reduce the prices and offer them to our thrifty shoppers. 

We do this for all sorts of reasons:

  • sets used for testing
  • sets used to experiment with coloring and/or textures
  • display sets
  • new sets that just didn't quite pass quality control standards
  • factory whoopsie daisies
  • floor models
  • prototypes
  • manufacturing blunders
  • customer returns
  • discontinued rental sets

All sales are final on these misfit sets, sold "as is"But rest assured, they are all in perfectly usable conditionPlus, kids won't care! 

When a "rescued" Big Logz® set becomes available, we send out email notices, so be sure to add yourself to our mailing listThese sets go fast!

Our Loss is Your Gain

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