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Fort Building Blocks Playset

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What would you say if I told you that you could have your beloved, nostalgic building blocks in epic size proportions? Now available to the public for the first time! Guaranteed to be generations of fun, these lightweight, durable Big Logz® are the ultimate must-have gift for the child in all of us!

The one and only Big Logz®! This 62 piece segmented log building set features jumbo size, log-shaped blocks that link together to create and re-create. With your child's imagination, the play possibilities are endless!
62 Piece Life-Size Foam Building Blocks Set | Big Logz® Paul Bunyan
Set includes:
28 Stubby Blocks (12.5" x 6")
19 Standard Size Segmented Blocks (59.75" x 6")
4 Long Segmented Logs (107" x 6")
8 Roof Panels (59.75" x 14.75" x 2")
3 Roof Trusses (59.75" x 11.75" x 5")

For indoor and outdoor play, these Big Logz® are the perfect Montessori or playroom furniture set. These are the ultimate baby blocks to create a DIY indoor fort or child playhouse.

Build a cabin, clubhouse, fort, playhouse, a maze, stuffed animal pens, and so much more! This set is custom-made, and usually ships within 2 business days. These same sets have only been available for play in a number of children's museums, but finally, you can bring this coveted play set home with you!

This set is extremely lightweight and durable. All blocks are solid, not hollow, and beautifully coated; polystyrene and a proprietary coating. Intended for indoor/outdoor use; however, blocks are not meant to be left outdoors and should be stored in a cool, dry place between uses. Do not expose to extended periods of direct sunlight as bright colors attract heat. Not meant to be used without adult supervision. Sturdy and durable, but not intended for rough use or rough play, not a weapon, do not jump on or stomp on blocks or attempt to break or puncture. This set is intended for fun building play, role-play, learning and creativity. When used properly, this set will last through many years. Meant for ages 3+
Other Big Logz® Blocks sold separately.
Actual colors may vary slightly.
Customizations available upon request.
Bigger is better and size does matter. Big Logz® FACT.